About the Author



I was born in Brooklyn, New York. I moved to Staten Island when I was two-years old. I lived there with my parents & younger brother, where I attended community college. After graduating with a BA degree in Early Childhood Education, I became a teacher and moved to New Jersey, where I was married for three years. I began working on my first novel while I went through my divorce. Now, I am re-married, living in Howell, New Jersey, with my wife and two stepdaughters.

Writing Roots


I had a love of reading at a very early age. I suffered with insomnia, and read late at night until I could fall asleep. I was reading chapter books by the age of 5! I dreamed of being a writer, fascinated with how authors came up with such interesting fictional stories. I would journal about my day, write poems, etc. In college, I took many writing courses, and was encouraged by my professors to make it a career. Being a realist, I felt that being a teacher was a more practical career choice. Afterall, it's not like I would become the next best-selling author, right?! I began writing my first novel, Collision, while going through my divorce. I was unhappy in my marriage and in my life at only 29-years old. That is when I began evolving into the person I wanted to be. Writing was not only an escape, but it was a way for me to realize what was missing from my life. I knew that I wanted "more."