About the Author

Kristen Granata was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1986. She moved to Staten Island with her parents when she was two-years old, and lived there for almost twenty years. Though she currently resides in New Jersey, she always considers herself a New Yorker at heart.

Throughout childhood, Kristen suffered with both depression and anxiety. The only two things that helped her cope: reading and writing. Despite her passion, and despite her college professors recommending that she switch her major to become a writer, Kristen attended community college and became a teacher - convinced that she could not make a realistic career out of writing. After going through a difficult divorce when she was only twenty-nine, though, Kristen returned to writing. A story poured out of her, and this led her to publish her debut novel, Collision, in March of 2018. Soon after, in August 2018, the sequel, Avoidance was also published.

Kristen is a teacher by day, and an (exhausted) author at night. She is currently working on a third novel, living in Howell, New Jersey, with her wife and two step-daughters.

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