Fighting the Odds

 I’d prepared myself for a life without love. Lost my parents and anyone else I got close to. Nothing good ever stays for long. I’m a statistic after all. Former foster kid. Former drug addict, alcoholic. Always thought I was destined to be alone. Always felt like I wasn’t worth a damn.

Then Carla Evans walked into my life.

One look at her in that uptight, buttoned-up outfit and I knew I had to have her. For a night, I’d indulge myself in the fantasy of a girl like her actually wanting a guy like me.

Then she moved here with no job and that ridiculous bucket list.
I knew she needed my help.
I just didn’t expect to need hers.

I spent a long time letting myself believe I didn’t deserve happiness. It took me a while (and a whole lot of therapy) to realize I’d had it all wrong.

Now I know.
And now I have to tell her.

*Fighting the Odds deals with sensitive topics like drug addiction, death, foster care, homelessness, and miscarriage. But it is also an inspirational story of love, friendship, hope, and finding your inner warrior.